I’ve owned literally hundreds of ukuleles over the years, but none can hold a candle to my Hive tenor. It’s like a playable work of art: clean, beautiful and modern. The sound beats anything else hands down. Since owning my Hive I sold all my other ukuleles and commissioned Jake to make me another. That speaks volumes.
I proudly own two Hive ukuleles and they are magnificent instruments. There are very few builders who are on par with Jake in terms of tone, playability, aesthetics and precision craftsmanship. He excels on all four dimensions, which makes him extraordinarily unique.
Jake Maclay is a naturally gifted artist, woodworker and luthier. His Hive Ukuleles are a pleasure to play, hear and see. The attention to detail in his instrument construction is uncanny. Looking at any area of his instruments internally or externally reveals clean, precise workmanship and aesthetically pleasing creative design. Tone-wise his ukuleles sparkle with a bright top end, a smooth powerful midrange and round low tones. Individual notes ring beautifully alone and produce rich overtones in harmony and chords. Intonation is spot-on accurate for the entire length of the neck. Quite simply, Jake’s instruments are world-class.
— Gerald Ross, Professional Musician
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About Jake


After graduating from the Robert-Venn School of Luthiery in the spring of 2005, Jake moved to Santa Cruz, California to work for Rick Turner, one of the most iconic luthiers in American history. Immersed in the prolific environment that bore Compass Rose Ukuleles and Renaissance Guitars, Jake has honed the building principals that define his work and challenge perceptions of what a ukulele can be.

Since their stateside introduction in the early 20th century, the ukulele has expanded from traditional koa and mahogany to include more exotic hardwoods. With respect of tradition and love for modern aesthetics, Hive Ukuleles continue this evolution with clear artistic vision, innovative technology and meticulous construction using only the world’s finest tonewoods. These sublime instruments set a new standard for the next age of contemporary ukuleles.